'Our winemaking philosophy is very simple – we think of ourselves as guiding the wines into the bottle, not making the wines. We feel that to make great wines, we need to start with organically grown grapes".

FROMM: Wines labelled as FROMM are distinctly varietal wines made by blending fruit from selected vineyards. They show texture and lifted fruit aromatics and are made to be immediately appealing on release. These wines are 100% organic. 

Single Vineyard: We have seven single vineyard wines. These wines are made so as to give maximum expression to their origin.These wines are 100% organic. 

Cuvee "H":  In 2017 we released a wine under the name Cuvee "H" to honor Hätsch's 25 years of making exceptional Pinot Noir in Marlborough. Cuvee "H" is a blend of some of our single vineyard sites and we regard it as our flagship Pinot Noir. This wine is 100% organic. 

Two of our wines Gewürztraminer and Riesling carry no vineyard or regional designation on their label. Both are, however, single vineyard wines from the FROMM home block. Because of their young vine age, and very small quantities, we are reserving “single vineyard” status until their characteristics are more defined.