In Marlborough Syrah is right on the edge of its growing limits because of the cool climate, yet it pleasantly surprises us time and time again. Syrah’s flavours are attractive across the spectrum of ripeness. At the lower level it has that classic white pepper character found in many northern Rhône wines. As it gets riper in hotter vintages it becomes richer and bigger, showing more "sweet" fruit.

Our Syrah has distinct varietal definition. At the Fromm Vineyard, the Syrah never gets overripe and often reaches physiological maturity at relatively low sugar levels. In this sense it is perfectly suited to our climate, providing its crop levels are low and viticultural standards high.

Until a few years ago there was only one, unidentified, clone of Syrah available in New Zealand. Recent plantings of newly imported French clones have shown very promising results. All these factors, together with increasing vine age, point to an exciting future for this variety. We also have planted a few rows of Viognier, which we co-ferment with our Syrah as traditionally done in Côte Rôtie.

We produce:
FROMM Syrah Fromm Vineyard
FROMM La Strada Syrah

FROMM Syrah Fromm Vineyard - Tasting Notes


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FROMM Syrah - Tasting Notes

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