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Harvest 2021
The 30th Harvest at FROMM!
Picking began early this year on the 5th March 2021. Even though crop yields are down due to early frosts in spring during bud burst as well as unsettled weather during flowering, the fruit quality is outstanding once again. By Easter all that was left to pick was the Syrah and Malbec from our home block. An early finish to FROMM'S 30th harvest.


Harvest 2020 

Covid lock down made for a very challenging harvest. Thankfully the wine industry could continue with harvest under strict conditions in our bubbles and we all managed to come out the other side with a great team spirit and fabulous fruit. 


 Harvest 2019

Autumn harvest time! We commenced picking on the 6th of March and picked the last bunch on the 10th of April. It is a busy, yet exciting time of year at FROMM and we are thrilled that vintage 2019 is looking set to impress!




Just drinking your 2001 La Strada Pinot Fromm Vineyard with some petit munster, great match! The 20 year old pinot is still alive, not much browning, nice and earthy.

Cheers! Dylan