From vineyard to glass, FROMM Winery is all about making exciting New World wines, using Old World practices.

We continue to choose cork as our preferred closure, particularly for our red wines, but also for some whites that have a positive aging potential. For us, the main purpose of aging wines is to allow the natural transition from a vibrant, fresh and youthful to a more refined textured, complex and graceful wine. In our experience, the permeable cork closure greatly enhances this process
"We really enjoy that little 15-second ceremony, followed by that satisfying pop, it’s all part of the fun.” said Pol Lenzinger, Director of FROMM Winery.  Pol has been collecting corkscrews and winemaking tools from around the world for over 50 years and he has kindly allowed us to display a part of his vast collection in our cellar door. 

The collection boasts hundreds different corkscrew designs: some elegant, intricate pieces with gold trim, some compact pieces used by soldiers on the battlefield, and some just plain crazy designs. The display also includes the first ever patented corkscrew created by Samuel Henshall in 1795, and the one and only New Zealand patented corkscrew created in 1945.

If you haven't seen the collection already, support the cork by visiting FROMM Winery.

A short history of corkscrews: The art of convenience


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