The perfect desert

The perfect desert

This month we asked our friend, Bradley Hornby, Chef and owner of Marlborough's only 2 hatted restaurant, Arbour, to supply us with a recipe to match our 2018 FROMM Beerenauslese Riesling. 

The outcome? Caramelised Yoghurt with local strawberries and milk crisp. A sensational match and a lighter option for those balmy summer evenings we are on the cusp of enjoying. 


Caramelised Yoghurt with Local Strawberries and Milk Crisp

This recipe for caramelised yoghurt mousse is one of our favourites at Arbour. It is the perfect foil for local new season strawberries and bright bursts of citrus flavour from the lemon balm and sorrel. I hope you enjoy recreating this recipe with all types of beautiful fruit and berries in the warmer months!

Caramelised Yoghurt Crème

250 gm

Natural Yoghurt

60 gm

Bush Honey

200 gm

Crème Fraiche

100 gm


Mix the yoghurt with the honey and place in an oven bag. Squeeze out the excess air and seal

Place on an oven proof tray and bake at 90 C for 12 hours or until caramelised and lightly golden.

Blend the caramelised yoghurt in a blender until smooth. Transfer to a container and refrigerate.

Whip the crème fraiche and cream with a whisk until it reaches soft peaks. Fold in the caramelised yoghurt and transfer to a piping bag and store in the fridge until required

Milk Crisp

250 ml

Organic Full Cream Milk

25 gm


Heat milk and glucose to 65 C. Foam with a hand blender to create bubbles. Skim the bubbles from the top of the milk and place on a lined dehydrator tray.

Dry at 60 C for 5 hours or until completely dry. Store in an airtight container until required

Other Components

8 ea.

Hedgerow strawberries or local seasonal berries

(Tops removed and cut into ¼ or ½ s)

16 leaves

Lemon Balm

16 Leaves

Wood Sorrel

4 Scoops

Strawberry Sorbet

To Finish the Dish

In a suitable presentation bowl, pipe some of the caramelised yoghurt mousse.

Drop the strawberries into the gaps and leaves of wood sorrel and lemon balm into the other spaces created also. Break the milk crisp into bite sized pieces and add to the plate. Scoop the strawberry sorbet and place carefully in the middle of the dish.

Serve immediately and enjoy with a glass of Fromm Beerenauslese 2018.

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