Introducing Pinot Naturel by FROMM

Introducing Pinot Naturel by FROMM

It has taken months of planning, producing and perfecting, but finally the time has come to reveal the latest addition to the FROMM family, ‘Pinot Naturel by FROMM’, an uncomplicated, refreshing and vibrant Natural Pinot Noir, that guarantees to put a smile on your face.

Hätsch Kalberer, FROMM Winery's winemaker, tells the story behind Pinot Naturel by FROMM.  

What inspired FROMM WINERY to produce a natural wine?
“There has been a lot of talk in recent years about "natural" and "orange" wines. Much of this talking was rather critical, and rightfully so. As there are no binding guidelines, governing what constitutes a natural wine, the results have been anything from disappointing, challenging to inspiring and delightful. Needless to say, that it was the delightful examples that inspired us to produce a natural wine.

As there are no binding guidelines governing what constitutes a natural wine, in your opinion, how should a natural wine be made?
“The generally accepted criteria is that a natural wine should be made from organically or bio-dynamically certified grapes, should neither be fined or filtered and is free of any additives except a minimal amount of sulphur just prior to bottling to ensure the wine's stability in the bottle.”

Tell us a bit more about Pinot Naturel by FROMM?
“After a successful trial in 2016 with Malbec, which is still unsulphured in barrels, we felt confident to produce this year a natural Pinot Noir for immediate pleasure over summer but with the ability to be enjoyed over the first 2 to 3 years. Stylistically, it is an alternative to all the other Pinots we make with the emphasis on refreshing primary fruit due to a higher portion of whole bunches and with a distinct, fine tannin presence. We are not looking for a multi-layered, complex wine, instead for an uncomplicated, refreshing and vibrant red that should be served cool at about 14 to 16 degree and puts a smile on your face. However, most important for us was that the wine lives up to our quality standards, proud to carry our FROMM label.”

Pinot Naturel by FROMM is available online now. 
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