FROMM Pinot Noir: The best in the region?

FROMM Pinot Noir: The best in the region?

Across the Nelson and Marlborough region there are number of wineries that are renowned for producing outstanding Pinot Noir wines, however, in a recent report by Nick Stock it was our"2015 FROMM Pinot Noir Clayvin Vineyard" that grabbed the top spot for FROMM WINERY. 

Nick Stock awarded the “2015 FROMM Clayvin Vineyard Pinot Noir” 97 points, the highest across the board, Nick had the following words to say:

“The 2015 FROMM Clayvin Vineyard Pinot Noir is incredible, it’s a super wine that's really flowing, commanding and marries power with elegance. Vineyard greatness in the glass. This is a New Zealand benchmark

FROMM WINERY also made a second appearance in the top 4, with our flagship wine, “2015 FROMM Pinot Noir Cuvee “H”, a new release which was unveiled earlier this year at Pinot 2017. Awarded 96 points, Nick described the Pinot Noir as “Masterful” with a “Wealth of oak spices and gentle meaty notes”.

Nick also reviewed the remaining Pinot Noir's from our collection and as always, it was great to see our wines receiving such credible recognition. 

Nick Stock, Checking in on the best of Nelson, Marlborough Pinot Noir, Monday, April 10, 2017.

To read the full report click here.







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